IED Alumni presents “Light Shelters”, an exhibition from November 8th to 12th at Dubai Design Week 2021.

Light Shelters was born to reflect about the global isolation that has certainly altered many things on many levels. It is hard to say how many words have been spent to describe the period that has seen much of the world confronted with the pandemic. “Sustainability”, “Lightness”, “Fragility” are the three words that inspire the project. The first is now fundamental because it should no longer be a trend but must become a positive attitude in every aspect of society and industry. The second is a necessity. We all need to get rid of tensions and fears accumulated over the months. The third comes from the observation of our daily life, we now oscillate between a sense of fragility and a desire for freedom.

The protagonist of “Light Shelters” are:

  • Bodin Hon & Dilara Kan, the founders of Yellowdot Design studio in Hong Kong, which deals with both product and interior design with clients in different sectors and categories. Bodin is a former NASA engineer who trained at Rice University in Houston before taking the design path. In fact, he subsequently attended the Master in Industrial Design at IED Milano. During his career he won the international Compasso d'Oro as a young talent for his innovative design of a pot project. Dilara grew up in Turkey and studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Marmara. He meets Bodin in the classrooms of the IED and from their meeting Yellowdot is born. Since their meeting at the European Institute of Design, their ability to produce their diverse backgrounds and skills has allowed Yellowdot to work across multiple disciplines and develop their own expression and translate meticulous and fantastic design ideas into the context of production;
  • Andra Handaric, a IED Barcelona Alumna which was the finalist in the 35th edition od MODAFAD with with the collection titled Argat, based in the folklore of her country, Romania. Born in Transylvania, the former student is the founder of ANDRAHANADRICstudio, a brand now international and established in high-end avant-garde fashion design for several years. is an established international brand in high-end avant-garde fashion design since 2015.

Their works are:

  • "HATCH" by Yellowdot Design, that choose the lightness and fragility of an egg shell. It is a ceiling pendant light created from eggshells collected from three weeks of egg consumption. The extremely thin eggshell diffuser is arranged carefully by hand and bonded with bio-based resin. Assembled with a craftsman’s attitude, it becomes a new material for creating luminous effect;

  • "ASSEMBLAGE 2.0" by Andra Handaric, that takes us into the world of fashion and textile design. An installation that highlights the protection-fragility binomial of this moment to help us also reflect on ourselves.

Also present at Dubai Design Week will be Lana Sokolova, another Alumna IED who has studied Design and Innovation in IED Madrid, deepening the relationship between design and innovation, at the Madrid office. Over the past 10 years Lana has been involved in the creative movement of Baku (Azerbaijan) working on the creative development and realization of numerous events and exhibitions. The work that the former IED student presents at the Dubai event is called "Cyanosoba" and reaffirms the multidisciplinary designer's interest in urban spaces. It is a public installation that offers alternative places to cities by combining a solar energy solution and an instrument that offers the possibility of measuring the color of the sky. "Cyanosoba" uses lines and circles to recall a harmonious dialogue with nature, also promoting a dialogue between people and things.

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