Sound Design - IED Alumni Interview: Vincenzo Pizzi

Composer, Music producer, Sound designer, Owner of Pyteca. Vincenzo is a IED Roma Alumnus and now also collaborates with important brands. Read his interview!

INTRODUCE YOURSELF: the IED School you attended, the year and the Course you graduated in.
My name is Vincenzo Pizzi and I'm graduated from 2017 class of Sound Design at IED Roma.

YOU NOW: your job description, where you work, projects you are working on.
I mainly deal with music production and sound design for audiovisual content like fashion movies, spot, adv and commercial. I'm based in Rome but I work remotely anywhere with agencies, productions and filmmaker from Milan, Paris, London and Berlin. One of the latest jobs was for “Armani Exchange”. I consider every job as a challenge and I always try to pass it at my best.

CREATIVITY: IED means creativity, culture, projects and planning. Let us know how both these aspects led you to choose IED and how they helped or influenced your career.
Surely the IED environment is very stimulating. Beautiful relationships are created with classmates and professors who over time become friends and colleagues, sharing experiences and knowledge with them. Another important aspect are the different courses, workshops and studies that the IED allows you to expand your skills. This is very important for a professional growth.

IED LOCATIONS: all our schools are found in some of the most creative and vibrant cities around the globe. Let us know why you choose the city you went to and what role it played in your student and future life.
I choose Rome because I was fascinated (and always will) by the art and the culture that a majestic city like Rome can offer. A place with many opportunities and possibilities.

CHALLENGES OF OUR TIMES: how have the challenging times we're living affected your professional life?
I think that the most difficult challenge is being a quick problem solver and doing the best work in the shortest time. For example delivering a complete and exhaustive final master. We live in a frenetic world and nobody wants to wast time.

ADVICE: your recommendations to future graduates for a bright and creative future in your field.
My recommendation is do what makes you happy and satisfied with dedication, study and a lot of practice.

MORE ABOUT YOU: let us have links to web pages where students can discover more about you and your work.
Vincenzo Pizzi (IED Alumni)

LAST BUT NOT LEAST: what was the activity that you found most valuable to your personal growth? Also, can you tell us about your thesis project?
For my thesis project I had the opportunity to create an original music for the web series “Yoroi” by Red Bull. It was the first real work and it was amazing and scaring at the same time because it was the first time for me to relate with a brand, production and a group of creatives for one unique objective.

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