Discover the latest news on the world of sustainability during the event "Fashion Beyond Borders". A conference organized thanks to the virtuous partnership that was started by Countless Cities Biennial 2021 with Farm Cultural Park, IED and NEB - New European Bauhaus.

"A creative bridge between IED and Farm Cultural Park for the New European Bauhaus, with the aim of promoting aesthetics and sustainability starting from Fashion Design, of which the Hong Kong Pavilion for Countless Cities Biennale 2021 promotes sustainability and humanity, through a Grotto of fabrics and color created by the curator Manuela Catania. Fashion as a vehicle for innovation, culture, art and beauty", say the promoters.

During the event our talented Alumna and Italian designer, Manuela Catania, curator of the Hong Kong Pavilion, will talk on the subject with: Andrea Tosi (IED Ambassador Manager), Giovanni Ottonello (IED Artistic Director), Isabel Berz (Head of the IED Research and Training Center). They will also talk about joint workshops between IED and other partner universities:

2Ethos - Italy/South Korea - IED in partnership with KNUCH;
Dandy Couture - Italy/Mexico - IED in partnership with ANAHUAC;
Las Manuelas - Spain/Russia - IED in collaboration with STROGANOV.

Don't miss the appointment on July 12th 2021, at 11 am CEST!
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