In the period of the year when the Italian fashion events return, to highlight the talent of the new generations of creatives, including IED talents, let's immerse ourselves in discovering the latest news about our brilliant Alumni

In the evocative setting of Cinecittà, on the Altaroma catwalk, the most important fashion event in Rome, which among its aims always has that of enhancing the talent, ideas and work of the new generation of fashion, are to return to parade creations of the very young IED Roma fashion designers, who graduated in the academic years 2019/2020 and 2020/2021. Among those the young Cristian Rocco Rizzo, interviewed last year by the prestigious Vogue magazine about his idea of fashion and, in particular, about what the fashion of the future will be. A type of fashion that cannot ignore sustainability and respect for the environment and raw materials: in fact, in the vision of the young creative, clothing thus becomes, once again, a symbol to transmit an important social message, that becomes an integral part of the man parading in front of the public. But to enrich the spectacle at Altaroma also the jewels and accessories created by graduates of Jewelery Design (read the IED Alumni special on Jewelry Design).

Cristian Rocco Rizzo at Altaroma

About fashion, sustainability and final works, meanwhile, IED Firenze students prepared their graduation project, working on a specific theme proposed by Maeba International SRL: “creative expression through design and sustainability”. Starting from this input they created a capsule collection using their eco-friendly materials.

IED Firenze

IED Milano students also expressed their creativity with a video performance about their participation at Milano Moda Uomo (read more).

PÓST - IED Milano Avant Défilé 

Other young fashion designers who trained at IED Milano are experiencing a very happy moment. For example, Francesco Murano, of whom we have spoken extensively in recent months, and who continues his climb to fame (read more); and Giorgia Gervasoni, who in September will represent IED at Milano Moda Graduate, during the fashion show promoted by Camera della Moda. Instead Marcello Pipitone, who has one of the most popular emerging and "sustainable" brands of the moment and exhibited his creations at Milano Moda Uomo 2021, as well as being among the finalists of Who is on Next?, a competition organised by Vogue Italia. Pipitone was already among the IED talents chosen by Vogue Talents in February, in the special occasion dedicated to the promotion and support of young creatives. His work as a fashion designer takes into account the relationship between sustainability and fashion, using for example the recycling of fabrics or processed factory waste to transform them into fashionable novelties.

Francesco Murano (ph. Mattia Guolo)

Speaking of Fashion Design, there are also news from Alumnae and Alumni of the past. In addition to Benedetta Bruzziches (read her interview), , of which the famous newspaper Il Giornale talked about her latest collection, news also arrives from Italo Marseglia (watch his interview), promising name in today's fashion, who was always trained at the IED desks in the Capital and who is part of the team of IED Alumni mentors. Its new capsule collection fall / winter 2021/2022 is called "The Common Thread", and it has been developing in a historical period that is certainly not easy, when everything suddenly changed due to the pandemic. Italo tells us: "I found myself no longer able to count on the network that I had set up with effort and dedication, so I saw opportunities go up in smoke but I didn't give up". Hence the collection at the center of which there is the yarn, which binds all garments made entirely by hand, using the crochet technique: in particular, the materials used by Marseglia derive from an activated "crowfunding" activity through his social channels, encouraging followers to participate in some way in the creation of the garments. An alternative way of doing fashion and a new trend, returning to an authentic creativity, almost that of the novice student and full of hopes and dreams. Marseglia's idea is in fact that production of artisanal production his work of creative upcycling, not giving up the savoir-faire, but reducing the costs of and at the same time involving the public. The result is garments intentionally not conceived in a binary sense, creating the idea of ​​"genderfluid", so that anyone who wishes can wear them, regardless of their body identity.

Italo Marseglia

Moving from Italy to the rest of the world, and continuing the story of the latest news from our Alumni, there is then Maylé Vásquez. She's a stylist originally from the Dominican Republic, who graduated in Brand Management and Communication from IED Milano. An experience that changed his life and career. Now Maylé has started a brand in Santo Domingo, where she works with a group of 11 women, who in the Dominican Republic do everything, even tailor-made clothes for special occasions and weddings. They recently launched their website and they are also ready for new adventures, as Maylé told us in a interview.

Coming then to Brazil, and still speaking of fashion, until August 14,  it is possible to visit the exhibition entitled "OLIMPÍADAS" on the ground floor of the Centro Cultural Correios in Rio de Jainero. The exhibition is dedicated to the work done by Alumna Denise Faertes and is curated by Bette Mattos. It is a sportswear collection, with dresses, hats, sneakers and shoes created by Denis with her daughter Rebecca Faertes, whose prints recall the typical Brazilian flora.

Denis Faertes

The students of the Degree Course in Fashion Design and of the BA (Hons) in Fashion Design of IED Madrid and Barcelona, ​​on the other hand, presented their final projects in the last few weeks, during two digital fashion shows (watch them here and here). The fashion shows showed the projects of over 40 students through two fashion films made to highlight the collections created as final projects. The locations chosen were two truly iconic places: while IED Madrid opted for the Vallehermoso stadium, the IED Barcelona projects were shown in the iconic Casa Vicens, the first true and important work of the genius Gaudí, proclaimed a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The IED Madrid fashion film was inspired by long-distance running, dodging obstacles, jumping barriers to reach the finish line. With a scenario that represents the effort and difficulties that students have had to face, especially in recent months, in order to carry out their projects.

IED Madrid

Among the final works of IED Barcelona to remember the "Inmigrante" project by Diego Martínez, who through his research has deepened the history of Colombia and Colombians, forced to leave the country in search of new life opportunities. The collection cleverly captures the essence of the country without resorting to clichés, distinguishing itself for the symbolic use of its vibrant color palette, as well as for the use of recycled fabrics with a large presence of checkered or striped prints. The looks try to reflect the problems of Colombian reality, such as repression or censorship, through garments with a military flavor and accessories such as bibs or masks with lips sewn together.

Diego Martínez (IED Barcelona)

However, summer it is time for fashion and garments designed to go to the beach. Like the swimwear of the Alumna IED Milano Lou Medina: even its namesake brand is certainly attentive to the trends of modernity but also to ethics. The garments are made in Europe (read more about her work). Then there is Martina Pernarella, who graduated from IED Roma and who, as a great lover of the sea, where she was born, decided to give life to a project that she had already cherished since the end of her studies. Makai Surfwear was born in 2019. Its philosophy is based on four fundamental pillars: made in Italy, sustainable fashion, woman empowering and ethical work. Her costumes are created and produced only and exclusively in Italy, made with Lycra Vita® by Carvico, produced with plastic waste and recycled material.

Martina Pernarella

And from the union of two IED Alumnae, who trained at IED Roma, another brand was born in 2017. It is Otro Amor Bikini, a project created by Alessia Panza and Giorgia Pizzella. Their models are characterized by minimal lines, clean volumes, hypoallergenic and completely sustainable fabrics. Not only that: this young all-female brand uses the wisdom of Neapolitan tailoring, 100% Made in Italy, which has always represented in the fashion world a synonym of quality and high craftsmanship. In particular, the latest collection of the two Alumane - the SS21 Bloom collection - was conceived to be worn by women who wish to return to normal life after these two difficult years, through the warmth of bright colors and the cheerful print with floral details, as well as a beading to embellish the bikinis. The models to the one-piece swimsuit from the classic two-piece, up to models with a high waist, so as to allow anyone to choose their model to feel at ease. Finally, the collection is complete in long and short dresses, dresses and sarongs, kimoni, perfect for the summer season, on and off the beach. And to testify the sensitivity of the two fashion designers was also the social campaign "Okay if your body changes", shot with protagonists with normal lives, stories, professions, goals and bodies different from that of fashion, who enthusiastically and to raise awareness among other women posed for the first time in a bikini.

Otro Amor Bikini

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