A talent with a consistent experience in product development and merchandising in luxury brands, such as Valentino, Salvatore Ferragamo and Missoni. Read her interview!

INTRODUCE YOURSELF: the IED School you attended, the year and the Course you graduated in.
I attended IED Moda Milano from  1985 to 1988.

YOU NOW: your job description, where you work, projects you are working on.
I'am a merchandising and product director. I take care of the product management of the pattern makers and the style teams. I am the owner of the collection budget. I interface with external suppliers for the selection and management of samples, and for the prices negotiation. I also deal with the definition and monitoring of collection times, as well as the definition of the merchandising plan, with price ranges, the benchmark of competitors, sell-in and sell-out analysis. Finally I define the prices wholesale and retail.

CREATIVITY: IED means creativity, culture, projects and planning. Let us know how both these aspects led you to choose IED and how they helped or influenced your career.
Creativity and planning are the aspects the more fit with my job experience, both very helpful to understand the fashion business.

IED LOCATIONS: all our schools are found in some of the most creative and vibrant cities around the globe. Let us know why you choose the city you went to and what role it played in your student and future life.
Milan was simply the city where fashion is. This is the reason why I chose it, and this was a great choice for my career.

CHALLENGES OF OUR TIMES: how have the challenging times we're living affected your professional life?
As you said was very challenging  but, at the same time, I think that can be a great change opportunity for the future.

ADVICE: your recommendations to future graduates for a bright and creative future in your field.
Never rest, be curious and always open to change and always remember that we all can always learn from people we meet...

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