A historical, comfortable and easy to use object. An ideal means of transport to move in respect of nature and to discover beauty. Let's celebrate the bicycle by discovering some of the works of the designers who studied at IED.

A bike ride makes us feel better and even allows us to create new social relationships. This is what remember us the project created by product designer José Hurtado. Twist is a bike made up of a front wheel that can be easily removed and used in the event of a puncture. Also noteworthy is a plate connected to the center of the bicycle in the upper part, which is capable of allowing a u-turn without any problems thanks to its symmetrical design. Performing the “twist” rotation, and placing the components in their opposite positions, it is also possible to obtain an upside-down bicycle blocking its moving parts. The frame has a system of LED lights, which even allow it to change color from white to red depending on the position.

PÅSPRÅNG - IED BARCELONAHow will young and mobile users move in 2025? This is the problem confronted by Sanna Völker and Alessandra Colella, IED Barcelona Alumane​​, graduated in Product Design. That is how Pårsprång was born. A project on the theme of urban mobility in the future for the Bertone company, one of the most historic and prestigious Italian companies in the automotive sector. The vehicle the designers thought of  can be driven autonomously or manually, thanks to some sensors positioned on the sides of the handlebar; on the latter it is also possible to plan the route to be traveled, and through specific technology the traveler can receive information on the surrounding environment while cycling. Pårsprång is also equipped with a graphene battery, inserted in the seat to be charged just like a mobile device.

DESIGN FOR BICYCLES - IED CAGLIARIDuring the 2018/9 academic year, two thesis projects of the Product Design course addressed the topic of sustainable mobility. These were EcoBe by Andrea Saba and Be_RooT by Francesco Giuseppe Ligas, both created in collaboration with Playcar, a car sharing service in the city of Cagliari. EcoBe is a space-saving electric scooter, designed for the City Bike Sharing service to work in synergy with all the other public and sharing means of transport in the city. Be_RooT, on the other hand, is a colorful and foldable pedal assisted bike, also designed for bike sharing in Cagliari, with the aim of encouraging citizens to use ecological vehicles as an alternative to private vehicles. 

BIKEROME - IED ROMAPresent at the Bikeconomy Forum 2018, the BikeRome project came from the joint work of IED Roma students. In order to integrate the concepts of cycle mobility and enhancement of the environmental and cultural heritage of Rome the diplomands, now Alumni, have worked in collaboration with the Municipality of Rome and Zehus human+. The research investigated the possibilities offered by the development of new and unprecedented forms of cultural exploration within the city, based on the strengthening of sustainable mobility through the use of bicycles, together with the promotion of activities and urban scenarios not usually included in the itineraries. Therefore, while the Undergraduate Interior Design Course designed the renovation of a for the construction of a multifunctional infobike center, the Product Design students have committed themselves to the design of services related to bike sharing. Visual Arts students has worked on the definition of a map of creative cycling itineraries, which the user could discover through visual, interactive and multisensory experiences; instead, the Communication school has developed strategies for the new bike sharing services and advertising campaigns, with the aim to generate an urban community that spreads throughout the city. Finally, the former students of Fashion has designed clothing and travel accessories for the urban cyclist. 

EYEBIKE - IED ROMAIn 2016, as part of the “Sharing Design - Milano Makers” exhibition, dedicated to self-production, green innovation and shared design, IED exhibited "Freewheeling - alternative mobility”. A series of services and products that stimulate multimodal practices to move around the city, to facilitate the movement of urban commuters and promote a healthy lifestyle. Bicycles, scooters and related accessories were developed by the IED Roma Undergraduate Product Design course. Among the projects there was also eyeBike by Lorenzo Perna (read his interview). That project revisited the traditional shape of the electric bike, offering a younger and bolder version. Equipped with LED lighting, the bicycle has an integrated motor and battery, allowing you to ride up to 50km. Its electrical components were produced by the Italian company Zeus; while, the project was developed with the collaboration of F&N Compositi, a company specialized in the production of components for the aerospace, maritime and industrial sectors.


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