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The Geneva International Motor Show, the most important event dedicated to the automotive world, won’t take place due to the Covid-19 emergency, as last year. March 1, however, from the Palexpo of the Swiss city, the Car of the Year will be announced in live streaming. And speaking of the famous show dedicated to the automotive sector, it is impossible not to mention the presence of IED in different editions of the event, with the works of former students who have become professionals, such as Quentin Amore (read his interview) and with the projects of IED Torino students, specifically of the Master in Transportation Design. Works that, year after year, have combined - as in the best tradition of the Istituto Europeo di Design - ideas, planning, innovation and vision. Always with an eye to the evolution of the future. So, to remember the Geneva Motor Show, let's retrace together IED's achievements in the last five years.

IED Tracy

Let's start with Tracy, the concept vehicle that the students should have presented in 2020. The result of a thesis project that expanded on the concept of sustainable mobility shared in today's and tomorrow's society. The IED proposal took the form of an electric, all-terrain, six-seater vehicle, functional for both public and private use, with the aim of promoting a new sense of sharing and expanded mobility.

IED Tomo 

Going back in time, in 2019 we find Tomo, an electric concept car created in collaboration with Honda Design, the result of another thesis project of thirteen students. The requirement of the famous Japanese company had been to work on a precise brief, namely Honda next "fun" driving, in order to design what they believe should have been the ideal transport for the young people of 2025. From this input it was developed a car halfway between a smart device and a mobility tool, which in a single cabin combines the needs of entertainment in free time with those of daily work. The vehicle called Tomo, which in Japanese means "friend", is also inspired by a manga story created by the students of the Master in Transportation of the academic year 2017/18, whose communication campaign was developed together with Mara Artiglia, ex-student of the Illustration Course, Nicolò Allisiardi and Simone Imberti, two ex-students of the Advertising Communication Course.

Tomo: a manga story

In 2018 IED participated in the Geneva International Motor Show with Hyundai Kite, the 14th style model in 1:1 scale, once again created by the students of the Master in Transportation Design, in 2016/17. That was the first time the students presented a concept car for which, in addition to the exterior, the interior of the model had also been built. The automatic gearbox was made in partnership with the Sila Group, while the seats and belts in collaboration with Sabelt.

IED Hyundai Kite

2017 was the year of Scilla, a show-car designed in collaboration with Pininfarina and the monthly magazine Quattroruote, leader in the automotive segment. The idea behind the project by IED Torino students was to recover the value of lightness, which the writer Italo Calvino talks about in his American Lessons, eliminating the superfluous and, at the same time, recovering simplification, functionality, purity. Well, Scilla ideally re-appropriates that lightness, with the aim of transferring it to the driver in his daily life experience. The name of the car, which evokes that of a nymph trapped in the form of a heavy sea monster in Greek mythology, was voted via Facebook by the Quattroruote audience.

IED Scilla

Finally, in 2016, Shiwa was also presented in collaboration with Quattroruote at the Show’s 86th edition. A self-driving vehicle with four seats, able to move silently without emissions and equipped with four electric motors integrated in the driving elements.

Thanks to our talented Alumni!

For Tracy: Syed Zaid Abdin (India), Arjun Nataraj Balasubramanian (India), Gianluca Cavuoti Cabanillas (Italy), Ping-Chun Chen (Taiwan), Siddharth Sanjeev Das (India), Mohammed Farhan Kauser Farhathullah (India), Xiaoyu Guan (China), Tanglong Han (China), Po-Cheng Hsu (Taiwan), Ruoyi Li (China), Yanhao Liu (China), Alberto Longobardi (Italy), Alessandro Natali (Italy), Kangyi Nie (China), Roberta Sanseverino (Italy), Luca Sardone (Italy), Vinay Tharun Gowda (India), Santiago Trapé (Italy), Kunal Pravin Ughade (India), Ayush Om Wal (India), Jiaqi Zhu (China).

Students at International Geneva Motor Show

For Honda Tomo: Ricardo Alejandro Campos Ortega (Mexico), Rudraksh Banerjie (India), Tanmay Madhukar Chavan (India), Michele Corneliani (Italy), Shobhanjit Das (India), Alexander Marcel Fröse (Germany), Xiaole Ge (China), Ramón Emmanuel Hernández Cortés (Mexico), Tianchen Huang (China), Sameer Aminullah Khan (India), Saketh Nalla (India), Jay Shrikant Nibandhe (India), Yu-Jie Wang (Taiwan).

For Hyundai Kite: Nicholas Luke Cho (Great Britain), Priankar Dasgupta (India), Jiabin Dong (China), Nithyanandhan Emmanuel (India), Ulises Esquivel Balderas (Mexico), Nishank Grover (India), Jin Kim (South Korea), Sai Sandeep Pentakota (India), Luis Rodrigo Rodrìguez Mèndez (Guatemala), Aditya Saraf (India), Alexandru-Calin Ticarat (Romania), Prashanth Vantimitta (India), Leonardo Vitale (Italy), José Andrés Yanes Belmonte (Venezuela), Wu Zhengcui (China).

IED Shiwa

For Scilla: Ramón Aguirre Dávalos (Mexico), Yusuf Atlamaz (Turkey), Ana María Bravo Sanabria (Colombia), Giovanni Bulgarelli (Italy), Ko-Han Hsu (Taiwan), Kaihang Huang (China), Abhijeet Kumar (India), Daniel Antony James Lourdusamy (India), Jayesh Ajay Naphade (India), José Rogelio Quesada Campos (Costa Rica), Allwyn Pushparaj Santha Suthan James (India), Igor Shenderey (Russia), Jaehyun Shin (South Korea), Yanyi Song (China), Sandeep Dilip Sutar (India), Daniel Gilberto Teruel Valdenea (Mexico).

For Shiwa: Youngjin Shim (Korea), Luca Menicacci (Italy), Jaykishan Vithalbhai Lakhani (India), Jose Ignacio Martinez Flores (Ecuador), Chen Lujia (China), Charles Frederic Nestor Carrupt (Switzerland), Mikhail D. Souza (India), Qichang Li (China), Kejin Pan (China), Alparslan Turhan (Turkey), Gaurav Udavant (India), Honghu Zhang (China).

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