IED Alumni Network is proud to support our great Lebanese Alumni during such a difficult period for their beautiful Country.

On the 4th of August, a massive double explosion scared Beirut and its citizens, causing major physical, material and moral damages to the people and their homes. 

Before the disaster Lebanon was already going through an economic crisis that had caused its currency to collapse, driving up unemployment and plunging many of its people into poverty.

These last lockdown to help curb a resurgence of Covid-19 is sadly exacerbating a deep economic crisis, but there are great people who every day stand in front of all of this with commintement, creativity and professionality.


With a Master in Curatorial Practice, from IED Venezia in 2019, she is one of the founders of “a.topos”, an international curatorial collective born at school in 2018, with her course collegues Fernanda Andrade and Lucia Trevisan together with their Master professor Hesperia Illiadou-Suppiej. It soon became an important venture to exhibit art, promote reflection, create dialogue and share experiences within the contemporary art scene, and overall aiming to give visibility to emerging artists.

Here is where COLORS FOR BEIRUT project was born
Beiruti art centers, especially artists studios and ateliers, are symbols of the Lebanese dynamic and polyvalent art and cultural scene, and have become witnesses and victims of the country's violent ethos.

Today a.topos are hosting an online charity raffle for the reconstruction of artists studios, ateliers, art, cultural and open dialogue spaces that were severely damaged by the blast.

All the funds will be allocated to Haven for Artists and to the Lebanon Solidarity Fund.

By participating in the raffle, people help rebuild what used to be an incredibly vivid artistic and cultural life, while having the possibility to own an artwork from emerging Lebanese artists such as Ghenwa Abou Fayad, Jasmine Abu Hamdan, Yasmina Hilal, Mansour el Habre and Aya Kazoun (sleeping with the enemy production), Yolande Labaki, Roger Maaraoui, Alfred Tarazi and Layal Nakle.

“If we cannot be on the ground to rebuild Beirut’s magic and its hurt artistic flair, we will be everywhere else. Let art play its part!” says Yasmine.

One month left to help rebuild the Beirut Art Scene, get a chance to win an artwork here!

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