Daniele Lari

Daniele Lari (30 years old) lives in Certaldo, a small town immersed in the hills between Florence and Siena. After his experience in the Master in Graphic Design – Focus on New media, he’s dedicating himself as a freelance to projects that branch on multiple fronts and subjects: from photography, his first real passion, ranging from the world of design to that of animation and branding.

Hi Daniele! Why you choose IED?
Choosing IED was the result of a decision sought and desired. Having a scientific-humanistic background, I felt the need to give space for the first time to what until then had been only a self-taught passions. My IED experience started at the Open Day, when I discovered a different reality. The opportunity to live something able to cover the proximity from home and let me breathe an international atmosphere with people able to carry their world with them has certainly made the difference. IED is the only path in which study and practical orientation to the world of work aligns, offering teachers who undress all their symbolic uniforms to convey ideals and stimuli that transcend the mere content of the courses. The professionalism of the teaching staff combined with the didactic construction in which each course is preparatory to the other sensitises personal growth by offering a unique experience that aims to induce you to leave the student uniform and to encourage you to dress soft and hard skills useful to the working landscape. To get out of the comfort zone it will be necessary to make many sacrifices so that your colleagues will quickly be fundamental companions and friends, and the group dynamics will bring the path to another level.

What is your professional career today?
I am currently a freelance. I would not be able to specify the category perfectly because I continuously dedicate myself to projects on multiple fronts and subjects. Most of my time is devoted to photography, even before I landed in IED I had collaborated with design artists dealing with the communicative part, drafting of stories that could materialise the interpretative concept hidden behind the final realisation; then I got so passionate that today I define it as one of my favorite communication channels. Another part of my work is dedicated to design: the applicative spectrum design is really huge almost impalpable, but if you consider its position as link between art and utility it is made up with a common language able to make the various application spheres communicating. Graphics, Animation, UI / UX, 3D are all fields that I am trying to bring them up in parallel cause many times the requests subvert a point where the various disciplines meet. 

What is the characteristic that is most needed today for this job?
Curiosity and obstinacy. Capitalism and globalisation have changed work substantially so that curiosity and flexibility are transversal skills and qualities that allow you to maintain a good balance despite the continuous alteration of an unstable system. Evolution concern to reduce the boundary between physical and virtual reality and the market reacts also on the basis of what is more usable and decisive. In my opinion everything rotate around  being able to cover multiple roles trying to protect our identity for our continuous maturation. 

What are your plans for the future?
What I can say is that as I can’t include myself in a specific category right now, I’m not even so sure I have a precise image of my future. Thinking that before enrolling in Psychology I was convinced that I wanted to be a psychotherapist and instead I specialised in neuroscience and then I also did philosophy, I don’t trust much of what I would like to do now, much of how I can find the right channel to express myself. During my journey I went through many difficult moments related to anxiety and panic, but I believe it was precisely these transitory phases that allowed me to detach myself from those objectives imposed, from education and from the context, and then made fundamental by our ego, alienating me to understand that personal fulfilment is not as important as the path and the people with whom you shared it. So I see my future full of collaborations which to learn and in case being ready to transmit something of mine.

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