ginevra vacalebre

1. YOU & IED: your Name, the IED School you attended, the Year, and the Course you graduated in.
Hello, I am Ginevra Vacalebre and I’m 24 years old. In June of 2018 I graduated from the European Institute of Design’s (IED Roma) Illustration and Animation program with cum laude honors. 

2. YOU NOW: your job description, where you work, projects you are working on etc.
I work as a freelance illustrator and animator, subsequently I have specialised in children illustrations and animation for music. During the last quarantine I have worked on two animated videos, Dani Faiv “In peggio” and Achille Lauro “16 Marzo”, and I’ve finished my first book as an illustrator that will be published next year. Because of Covid-19 I’ve been working from home, but I would love to share a studio with other artists.

3. ITALIAN CREATIVITY: IED is 100% Italian and 100% creative, let us know how both these aspects led you to choose IED and how they helped or influenced your career.
Creativity for me has always been inspired by curiosity, that is the driver of my interest for shape and characters, but also of my profound fascination for different mediums and creative approaches, understanding how important the balance between craftsmanship and technology is.

4. IED LOCATIONS: all our schools are found in some of the most creative and vibrant cities around the globe. Let us know why you choose the city you went to and what role it played in your student and future life.
I have attended IED Roma as I have always lived in the outskirts of Rome and I wanted to live the many beautiful opportunities this city offers: wherever you go you can find a melancholic inspiration that I find very compelling and personal. I love contradictions.

5. CHALLENGES OF OUR TIMES: how have the challenging times we are living affected your professional life?
It was (and is) a hard time for sure, for everyone. Despite very though moments, I tried to face it positively, changing many aspects of my work and relying on those smart working instruments that luckily we have today. It made me look at opportunities to change instead of lost chances.

6. SUSTAINABILITY: IED is particularly involved in this argument, you may want to share with us how you or your company are facing up to today’s environmental challenges.
The environmental cause is something I fight for every day, and it can be faced making more conscious choices about the impact of our actions, and being active in the community, fighting for our rights all together.

7. ADVICE: your recommendations to future graduates for a bright and creative future in your field (Management).
The only thing I can say is: stay true to yourself, focus on what you really like and feel deep in your heart, even if at the moment it seems not to make sense and there’s no clear path in front of you. Work hard to know yourself and where you want to go.

8. MORE ABOUT YOU: let us have links to web pages where students can discover more about you and your work
You can find me on Instagram at @ginevravacalebre but you can also check my work in progress website:

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