Meet Ismael Abedin Ingelmo – Undergraduate in Interior Design IED Barcelona in 2008.

Q.: why did you choose IED?

A.: given the design school options in Spain,

“ I understood that IED was the best option for practical purposes, because courses and subjects are well connected with the industry and the latest innovations. ”

In addiction I knew IED has a good reputation and this could help me finding a design job afterwards.

Q.: can you tell me a special day or funny moment in your life at IED that you remember in particular?

A.: I had many fun and good moments at IED Barcelona, I liked one workshop we did for one of Barcelona’s most famous beer brands called Moritz. Over 100 students spent one whole night brainstorming and developing ideas at IED, of course we had to “test the product” while creating, so it was a fun night of creation.

Q.: did you find the multicultural environment at IED beneficial for your personal growth?

I.: yes, multiculturalism and a multidisciplinary environment is one of the things I like a lot about IED, because in real life we don’t work alone (at least not me) and need to fuse ideas with people from different areas of the world, so it is very important to be able to understand them. It helped me to be ready to open myself to new cultures when I moved to different countries in America, Middle East, and Asia.

Q.: now, you have moved to Shanghai. Why this professional choice? What are you doing there?

A.: well, my career has been full of movement, I always been interested in working on nice designs, wherever they are located. A job brought me here and I thought it was going to be temporary, and now it’s almost been six years since I arrived!

Here I work, mainly as an interior designer and sustainability consultant. In Shanghai and China I did projects for many different areas like residential, offices, restaurants, etc. Nowadays I’m more focused on hospitality, including theme park resorts, international hotel planning and design, etc. (The picture above is one of the Ismael’s collaborations in China, more info in Ismael's website below).

Q.: nowadays, as a professional, do you have any suggestion to share with future graduates who are entering the business world?

A.: I recommend that they get in touch with the industry as soon as possible, and start doing things, helping other designers, producing small personal projects, testing them in the market and getting involved in different kind of projects. Even if they think Design is not their expertise it is very interesting as a job. But as a difference with other jobs, sometimes things come from inner initiative.

I believe that a good designer can design many different things, that’s why in my (still young) career I passed through different areas including marketing, graphic, industrial and interior design, architecture, even urban planning and environmental assessment. Doing things is the best way for people to learn a lot about themselves, find their path and the reason to “make design” in their life. 

“Also I would recommend not forget about the environment when designing! We need to be conscious of what materials and techniques we use to minimise our impact on the planet. “


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