Q.: what have you been doing since your graduation from IED?

A.: after graduation I was hired as Junior Designer in an architecture and scenography company, then I left the company to start my own projects designing furniture and decor and working as a freelancer.

Q.: were you involved in any special projects during your studies at IED? 

A.:  “ yes, I was invited to work on a project with MAREDIMODA, WGSN and David Sha for IED Milano. ”

I also work with IED São Paulo to develop a project involving environmental issues in São Paulo with QUESTTO|Nó studio.

Q.: IED has 100% Italian roots but a multicultural and international environment. Has this been a plus for your personal growth in any way?

A.: of course, I think it’s really important to be exposed to perspectives and ideas coming from different realities.

Q.: do you have any particular special memory about your days at IED?

A.: sure. Firstly all the opportunities IED gave me at the Illustration Summer Course in IED Barcelona, the special project with WGSN in IED Milano (some pictures of David Shah's Workshop in the gallery) and all the afternoons that I spent at IED São Paulo working with my colleagues.

Q.: nowadays, as a professional, do you have any suggestion to share with future graduates who are entering the business world?

A.: “ probably to value all the lessons because they closely reflect the reality of the professional world. “


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