Q.: do you want to describe your final project?

A.: it was a group final project -  an event for Nutella Ferrero that we named “Nutella 365 – L’entusiasmo di stare insieme”.

“ This project was supposed to be an integrated, brand content event: the cornerstone for Nutella new communication campaign.“

We thought about Italian food culture and about the product that can be eaten every single day for breakfast or during the day. From here, the concept to create, in three regions in Italy, a table for 365 people who would share their meals (based on recipes from award-winning Italian chefs and Nutella as the main ingredient).

The event would have been supported by a communication campaign and a contest on social media.

Q.: you found an internship thanks to IED: what about your first day of work?

A.: I started my internship at Filmmaster Events even before the end of the master. My first day of work was highly stimulating, it was a very exciting business and I tried to get deeply involved in the work.

Q.: tell us about your career path once you graduated from IED

A.: after IED, I had a very satisfying career. I interned at Filmmaster Events for seven months, where I had the possibility to continue my experience with a contract.

“ I spent my first year at Rome headquarter and the second year here in Milan working with Expo2015, an event for Whirlpool in Berlin, the Juventus choreography at the UEFA Champions League Final 2015 in Berlin and other experiences. Today I am still working for Filmmaster Events.“

Q.: were you involved in special projects during your studies at IED? 

A.: I did the projects that were part of our programme: a project in February with ENI and then the final project with Ferrero Nutella.

Q.: nowadays, as a professional, do you have any suggestion to share with future graduates who are entering the business world?

A.: I can say that you should always believe in yourself, be self-confident, and do whatever is within your possibilities without fear. When you join a world that seems so big, you will slowly understand that work and people are not so far from what YOU are.

Q.: even as a professional, what are the first three things or skills you look for in freshly graduates?

A.: passion, intelligence, will to improve.


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