Q.: you come form the other side of the world, Guatemala City. What about your experience in Milan? Do you remember your first day at school?

A.: I was driven by my passion for design; the idea of creating clothing having the human body as a blank canvas convinced me to travel half way around the world to Italy - the cradle of fashion - to learn the process and the craft. My experience in Milan was excellent.

“ I still remember the first day walking through the halls of IED Moda, being surrounded by people who would become great friends and having an environment in which so many creative minds gathered to be educated was a very exciting feeling, it was always a very welcoming and dynamic place to be in. “

Q.: now you have moved to Reykjavìk. Why this professional choice? What are you doing there?

A.: from a professional standpoint, Iceland is a smaller country (by population standards) so it allows you to experiment and develop new trends, but at the same time the opportunities are a bit more limited since there are not so many established fashion houses. I am not currently working in fashion, I am part of the management of a local hotel but often work on my own designs. My goal is to enhance my fashion skills, perhaps even starting my own label in the near future.

Q.: for a fashion designer, how important it was it for you to study in Italy?

A.: very important! I always say that my year in Milan created a solid foundation for what I know about design. Having learned from excellent professors (like Angelo Montanini - who I will always remember dearly) who are active in the fashion industry provided a professional and updated approach to students, together with their encouragement to become better every day.

“ Milan as a city is a historic and inspiring setting for any designer. “

Q.: nowadays, as a professional, do you have some advice to offer to future graduates who are approaching the working world?

A.: I would strongly recommend future graduates to think ahead of the trends, to develop within them a creative style that will allow them to find opportunities once they have graduated. To start looking for opportunities while they are still studying so they can step out of IED’s doors and into a bright future with the excellent skills they are learning there.


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