We are pleased to int roduce Paul Vasileff's portrait.

Paul graduated in 2010 at IED Milano in Fashion and Textile Design - One year Course.

During his studies in Italy, Paul won in 2010 the European Fashion Design Competition in London.

The project War of the Roses was awarded during the London Fashion Week and the outfit walked the catwalk of Covent Garden, under the eyes of Zandra Rhodes and Dennis Northdruft, curator of the Fashion & Textile Museum of London.

After a couple of months Vasileff also won the Swarovski Contest, in collaboration with Condé Nast – Vogue Sposa, for the best bridal outfit.

Paul Vasileff brand is based in Adelaide, Australia.

Since 2007 –  launch of his first collection under the label Paolo Sebastian – he devoted himself to a precious challenging work as couturier, blending magic and fairy atmospheres into all his gowns, emphasizing women’s body and aspect.

Q: Looking at your collections it seems that you are truly talented to tell fairy tales through your work. Where does it all come from?

A.: thank you, I think this was something that I remember from the first lesson at IED Milano. My lecturer said, "Paul your work is a fairy tale." I have always been inspired by fairy tales and storybooks, and it is ultimately why I wanted to collaborate with Disney for our 10-year anniversary.

Disney has inspired me to dream for as long as I can remember, and I hope through my work, I can inspire other people to dream.

Q: Italy is a renowned country where tradition has a great value. Do you think this premise played a key role in your decision to choose an Italian school? Why IED Milano?

A.: having an Italian background and learning to sew from my grandma, I have always been fascinated by the Italian sensibility towards the craftsmanship of tailoring and sewing.

“ I’ve always dreamed of studying in Milan and this dream came true when my scholarship application to IED was accepted. “

I remember being nervous when I started, as I had never been overseas before. I quickly fell in love with Italy and its culture; it continues to influence me and my work today. The skills I learnt from the incredible lecturers at IED had really an impact on me, as I still draw upon their teachings today!

Q: You are a designer since 2007. Which has been the educational contribution of IED compared to your natural creative skill?

A.: IED lecturers helped me harness my creativity. I also learnt a lot about myself and how to channel my inspirations, to translate them into my work to produce a cohesive collection.

Q: 10 years have passed since your first collection. Which is your professional perspective for the near future?

A.: my dream has always been to work in, and have the title of, Haute Couture. I love the craftsmanship, the traditions and sensibilities of couture. I hope to be able to call my work 'Haute' Couture and be displayed on the official schedule.

This is my goal and what the team and I are working for every day. I want to continue to grow the brand both in Australia and internationally.

Q: You won more than one contest while you were studying at IED. A booster leading you far away from Italy. Is there any particular story you would like to tell us?

A.: “ I am constantly reminded of the wonderful opportunities IED provided me. A few that standout include having my designs shown during London Fashion Week, Vogue Sposa BellaSwarovski crystal exhibition, and a tribute to Milan fashion show in Bologna. ”

I'm incredibly grateful to IED lecturers who put me forward for these opportunities. One of my favourite memories of the London Fashion Week trip was being presented with an award by Zandra Rhodes and getting to have dinner with that fashion legend. 


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