Incredibly we met Yong Bae Seok again, after 17 years since he attended his Master in Industrial Design at IED Torino.

Yong Bae Seok is a talented fashion and industrial designer born in Seoul, South Korea, and based in Europe. He completed his degree in industrial design at Hansung University in Seoul, and then he moved to Italy to continue his education at the IED in Torino where he got his master's degree in industrial design.

He started to work as consultant designer for Pininfarina, Motorola, FILA and other clients.

In 2008 Yong Bae Seok became head of design for D&G and DOLCE & GABBANA casual and sneaker Men’s and Women’s collections. He contributed to the growth of the company performance results with a sharp increase in terms of revenues for the shoes division.

An important growth was when, in 2010, Yong Bae Seok decided to work just as consultant designer and not as employee, being able to offer his international customers unique, innovative and extremely contemporary solutions, ranging from sneakers to elegant shoes for men and women. He also provides his design services for apparel, leather goods and fashion accessories. 

He collaborated with several important brands, such as Diesel, GEOX, Beretta, BALLY Switzerland, also launching footwear and apparel capsule collections, like “SUPERGA by Yong Bae Seok”, “K-Way by Yong Bae Seok”.

Among his main customers TOD’S, with the role of head of Men’s sneakers Tod’s and Tod’s for Ferrari. Also he is the Creator of the special project Tod’s No_Code.

Beside fashion clients he worked for interior design projects, for example the wall tiles project “FRAMES by Yong Bae Seok” with the Italian ceramic company ORNAMENTA had been presented during Milan Design Week 2015.

The designer is also the creator and founder of his own brand CAMOTARTAN, whose feature is the very distinctive graphic pattern used for shoes and bag collections in collaboration with GEOX since SS14 to FW16. CAMOTARTAN pattern has been used for a capsule collection with the Italian wallpaper company GLAMORA. 

In 2018 he collaborated with the American heritage sports brand PONY, by launching his capsule collection “PONY by Yong Bae Seok”. 

In 2018 Yong Bae Seok finally decided to launch in the worldwide market his own sneaker brand SEOK, bearing his surname and strongly desired to convey his modern style and his strong creative personality into a unisex very recognizable sneakers collection 

His extraordinary attention to detail combined with his creativity that comes from his origins of Industrial Designer make him a highly appreciated International designer.

In November 2018, during the press conference for the launch of the cutting edge shoe collection No_Code by TOD’S we had the pleasure to share a moment with Yong Bae about his career.

Q: how do you feel after this long professional path from your studies in Seoul to Creative Director and Start-Upper in Italy?

A: I feel a great responsibility because when you start working every season and every collection there are goals that always require improvement. Also because if I work well this is reflected on the good result of company performance, and when I work I always take in mind that a company is made of people, that’s why I feel big responsibility with my work.

Q: beside your natural aptitude to design, do you think that your postgraduate work in IED distinctively contributed in strengthen your native skills?

A: the school and in particular the master at IED had been very important because they have created a bridge with the world of work. 

“ I had the opportunity to meet many companies, for example I met Motorola just when this company came to the IED for a convention with students and then they asked me to work for them.”

It was an opportunity to show my talent.

Q: Industrial Design and Fashion Design, how do you combine the two?

A.: a product need to be beautiful and functional so if we talk about Industrial Design or Fashion Design they need to have a balance and need to be beautiful.

Q: Talking about CAMOTARTAN, how would you define an iconic product?

A: the CAMOTARTAN brand arose from a combination of two recurring themes in the world of fashion that are evocative of a bold, modern look: CAMOUFLAGE and TARTAN. I thought about combining these two themes together and creating a new graphic pattern and even a quite strong name, CAMOTARTAN.

Q: TOD’S Company to launch the innovative project No_Code, asked you to develop a new kind of shoe: the ‘shoeker’ which combines the traditional Tod’s expertise with technology innovation. Would you share with us the main features of this new product?

A: unlike a classic shoe, the sneakers has to be studied and designed down to the smallest details because the sole has to meet certain functional as well as aesthetic criteria and the upper is made up of a lot of different parts and materials, making the development of the sneaker a complex process. This is why we develop different prototypes and have to adopt a high precision approach that can’t afford to overlook any technical or aesthetic details.

“ With the Shoeker we’ve created a new category of footwear, not just a sneaker. It’s not a strategy, it’s a fact: we have the practicality of a sneaker enhanced by the elegance and high craft quality of a Tod’s Made in Italy shoe. 


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