We are glad to share Mikhail Borisov’s portrait, graduated from the Three-Year Course Fashion Design at IED Roma in 2016.

Q: we know that recently you signed up an agreement with DSQUARED2 in Milan as Junior Knitwear & Jersey Designer. How did you come to this?

A: I graduated from IED Roma and immediately moved to Milan, where, thanks to the school network, I completed my first internship at Francesco Scognamiglio and Moschino. These two experiences trained me as professional and gave me an opportunity to position myself as a Junior Designer.

“ One day I just applied for the position at Dsquared2 through Alumni website and two weeks later I got the job. “

Q: following your own path from your graduation at IED till now, it is quite clear that you moved forward quickly, in a fast paced environment while fast learning. In 2013 you won a 100% scholarship thanks to the “Creative Diary” contest. Why did you decide to participate in that competition?

A: it has always been my dream to study in Europe. I learnt about the competition from my friends who were IED students at that moment. When applying for the scholarship, to be honest, I wasn’t quite sure fashion design was my path.

“ Winning the competition not only allowed me to enroll at a private fashion school (something I couldn’t afford otherwise) but also gave me more confidence as a future professional. I still can’t believe that my $10 craft project got me this far. “

Q: everything you’ve learnt during the fashion design course is mainly owed to the academic approach? to the sinergy with the environment in and out of IED or maybe also to a very rational and realistic mindset?

A: the very fact of moving to a different country have had a huge impact on my professional path. As for the education, the school definitely gives you a great foundation of essential skills while it is all up to you to perfection them on daily basis. I believe in hard work and self dedication, especially in fashion.

Q: you tell to be systematically updated on the latest fashion news so as to forecast trends. Where is the magic of your personal vision in this? Is it pure inspiration or have you the power to make an alchemy between outer information with the unpredictable elements of the fashion world?

A: being constantly inspired and updated on latest fashion trends is definitely important for my personal fashion design projects. Working for a brand though is something a little bit more complex. Each brand has very specific division of responsibilities inside the company, and most of the inspiration comes from the creative directors. My job, as a junior designer, is to fit my knowledge, skills, and personal vision into very specific brand’s guidelines and the direction of the season.

Q: why did you send your application for Junior Knitwear & Jersey Designer? Do you have any future special project in mind?

A: as many young fashion designers, I obviously dream of having my own brand one day. I truly believe though, that launching a business without having an adequate amount of experience is a potential waste of time and resources. There is a tremendous amount of fashion start-up that have a short shining moment at the beginning, but then inevitably fade away due to the lack of experience and insufficient funds. That is one of the reasons why for now I’m just trying to soak in as much as I can from the inner world of the fashion industry. Dsquared2 is definitely a great company to grow in.

Q: what is your personal idea about fashion and style compared to these dark years we are experiencing now?

A: this is actually the reason I love fashion: I don’t think it can really have any “dark year”.

“ I see it as a very dynamic industry which is constantly transforming and evolving. Fashion today is something completely different from the previous decades. “

It has always been a communication channel where the approach might have changed dramatically, and the message is constantly evolving.


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