Today we would like to share Steffy Gemayel’s portrait.  An interesting story of a Lebanese based young designer, producing a new womenswear and accessories brand founded in 2017. Her brand was created as a link between Steffy and her mom, Janine G, whose a conceptual collage artist. 

Passionate by her mother’s work, Steffy wanted to create a product that could bring together both their talents using her mother's art as the base. 

Steffy is defined by its fusion of craftsmanship and attention to detail with a sense of authenticity. Each piece is inspired by art combined with custom fabrics and details. 

This sense of detail comes from Steffy's experience in jewelry as a designer and gemologist. Inspired by the cities she has lived in - London, Florence and Beirut - her pieces are a combination of influences from the various cultures she has been exposed to.

Steffy’s items are an experience, not just an outfit. Up for it?

Q: could you tell us something about your educational background before coming to IED and why did you decide to enroll at IED Firenze?

A: before going to IED I studied jewelry design and gemmology at GIA London. After graduating from GIA, I started my career in the jewelry business as a designer and gemologist in my home country Lebanon. Its during that time that I realised I lacked marketing and communication skills that were essential to business development. 

 To remedy that, I decided to enroll in a IED program that had the exact specifications I was looking for. Another incentive was the location as I always loved the charm of Florence and looked forward to try the living experience there. ” 

Q: what did you get from your school experience in Italy?  Which is the heritage that you brought back to Lebanon?

A.: the program helped me think in a different way when it comes to promote, market and communicate a brand.

“ It gave me the confidence i needed to build my own brand when I came back. “

Steffy was recently interviewed by Special Magazine and mentioned in the November, December and January (!) issue of British Vogue.

Q: besides accessories, what are you most passionate about?

A.: I love patterns, textiles, art and sports. 

My passion for patterns, textiles and art reflects in my work. And as for sports, it helps me to release the pressure once the workday is done. 

Q: do you have a big dream to realise in the next future?

A.: in the near future, I am aiming at lauching my e-commerce platform in order to expand internationally. And on the longer term, a big dream I would love to realise is have my own store in the heart of one of my favorite cities: New-York.


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