Jafar Shariat

Jafar Shariat, graduated in Fashion Design at IED Moda Milano, is a young designer who’s starting to build his own collection, presenting 8 looks with the fashion brand Persian Idea - based in Teheran - at Pitti 94 in 2018. We found out a marvellous mix between East and West held in his collection.

Q: which one of the tailoring techniques, learnt during your school path at IED, would you bring into your country and which of eastern textile traditional ones would be suitable to be brought to western countries?

A: I learnt all kind of tailoring techniques during my study at IED and, after that, I tried to develop and translate them into my own way of fashion. My country is so weak in fashion and full of limits for students. My countrymen can’t be either creative or design mind-free. There is no way to study fashion design in my country but the positive point is our culture full of traditional fabrics and rugs. I am going to make a collection for a new line by using our traditional fabrics and translating them by my futuristic point of view.

Q: could you tell us a plus about your studies at IED?

A: I think the power of IED is the well-planned study programme. "

During three years of education, students learn thoroughly the fashion process from the concept to the final product and how to make a full collection.

Q: after studying at IED Milano for few years, how did you decide to stay in Europe?

A: because I felt I have to dive in that atmosphere of fashion, to be part of it and because I saw the future of my career in Europe.

Q: after all these experiences you gained through your studies and life, how would you define yourself: an eastern or a western boy?

A: I’m not going to limit myself assuming I’m an eastern or a western boy. Before being a boy I am a human being starting his life from an Iranian point of view. Then by patrolling the world, trying to find the way to realize my wishes, I passed to the west side of the world where I learnt a lot. I learnt both from the East and West and I’m still learning. 

Q: what about your philosophy connected to your creations compared to daily life? What is your idea of wellbeing, finding a balance between your personal heritage and the european culture?

A: I have one philosophy in my life and it’s moving in the way of unity, understanding universe and informing other people about it. Each piece of my collections has a message and all outfits have a message too, so they are speaking each other. I'm looking at life as a collection that has a goal and all moments of life as different outfits. I’m coming from the past and I’m going into the future. My past - by passing from my today mind - creates my future.

"  I’m so lucky that my past is full of culture and beauty: I have to keep and adapt them to the future needs. "

Q: speaking of your future in fashion, do you think you will go on along the path of meanswear or would you rather challenge yourself with womenswear or accessories?

A: very soon I'm going to make a womenswear collection by using our traditional fabrics and it will include also accessories. 


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